Featured in Shake app

Recently, I've been featured on a blog regarding the excellent iOS app Shake which is a software solution for mobile professionals to create contracts on the go in a simplified manner. I've used it a few times and it works beautifully for me with dealing with local or out of town clientele with a low to medium budget.

It's also used for other kinds of contracts that can be customized which can be very handy. I don't think it completely replaces the need for high level and complex contract situations when it comes to large projects in relation to clients with huge budget in their project or product endeavors. That part will, for the most part, require a lawyer to go over the intricate parts of the legalese. 

At first, I was a bit worried that Shake would complicate things, but it turned out to be much easier to use. I was able to formulate a contract with a couple of local clients and build up an agreement with each one of them. Then as an end result, it automatically generates a PDF for previewing and approval. The signature would be written horizontally on the iOS version with the stylus or pen. It would be like sending a virtual signature to them long distance and they do the same in return. The clients got confused at first but after I explained to them how it works, the hiccups were smoothed over.

And once they sign it, I get an alert and the agreement is stored in the cloud archives for backup. It's really convenient and quick, especially more so when I'm not home and get asked to create an agreement on the fly without having to tether myself to the home computer.

Here's the link to the blog feature.