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Keeping up with the chaos

Like any other artist, life can tend to get in the way and slow the process down. It's been a chaotic last month or so keeping up with other things especially with the taxes that were due this month. Like they say, adult responsibilities can be a hassle but a necessary one. It is what it is. 

Fortunately, it did'nt stop me from continuing with my fencing classes and earning third place in last month's tournament. And then there's this one project I had to do for a friend who's involved in the battle LARP ( Live Action Role Playing ) games, one especially called Dagorhir. There is a local branch of that here in Vermont and they battle it out time to time in costume and hand made weapons. 

I've been tasked to create an image for his shield to be laser engraved onto the leather material to which I have'nt seen the final results yet. It had been turned in last week and hopefully soon, he'll get around to getting it engraved at the Generator space in Burlington. Once that's done, I hope to share a photo of it. 

I took up this project because it relates to one of my interest in role playing games and, of course, dueling with a sword. I might end up doing more of this kind of work in the future for the local Dagorhir or LARP-ers. Who knows? 

And now that spring has arrived, I'll get able to get back on track on other projects. 


Best pen I've used in a long time

I've been experimenting with a gel pen with varying degrees of results and surprisingly, it has lasted me about a couple of months. Actually, two of them with different point sizes. The Pilot G-Tec pen, so far, has shown some really good results on my sketchbook that has'nt failed me. 

This is what the pen looks like:

Pilot G-Tec-C4 in black inkThe actual tip of the pen in close up viewSure, anyone could use the old school Rapidograph pen set with different line quality but the maintenance is time consuming if one is not careful. The ink would certainly appear darker and dry up quickly. Especially with the thick paper surface of the moleskine. And just to show an example of what I've done with the pens.

A drawing of Halstatt, AustriaDrawing of Graz, AustriaDrawing of the Archangel statue

I think these pens are actually great for visual exercises and creating line texture to build form. But also in that sense, it adds a level of raw energy to the image. It would'nt come to a surprise to me if the pens actually find resistance on softer or fragile paper surfaces, even watercolor paper. In my experience, it's usually the hot or cold press surface paper or illustration board that does a better job in letting the ink flow. 

All in all, I'm really satisfied with the pens but will continue to experiment more in the future.


Fan art from a galaxy far, far away

Finn's Brigade

This is my alternate take on stormtroopers that defect to Finn's side after he joins the Resistance as a special unit. I've thought about this for some time after watching The Force Awakens and wondered if more of them would defect along with him. The red stripes are patterned after his jacket on the right shoulder.

He gets two stripes to signify his leadership and is also inspired by Poe's helmet. Finn carries the Z6 baton this time around. The others carry standard issue rifles, especially one sniper. I figured it would've made sense for a great stormtrooper rift that they would be fighting among themselves. 

As an inspired fan of the anime " Jin-Roh ", I wondered why did'nt Lucasfilm come up with a more intimidating version of a stormtrooper that has glowing lens for nightvision/infrared and having a darker body paint for the armor, apart from the Tie Fighter pilot in black. And if I were the Resistance, this is exactly what I would have done by using stormtrooper gear and modifying them to use against the enemy. 

I created this on graphite first on bristol paper surface and had it scanned from Scanbot app on my iPhone into Manga Studio software to be fleshed out on ink and color. Prior to that, I worked out some conceptuals on my sketchbook and comprehensive color scheme on Sketchbook Pro to see how effective it would look until I reached a decision to use the darker tones and red stripes, along with the Resistance symbol on their helmets.

This is strictly fan art. 

Star Wars is the property of Disney and Lucasfilm.


A Great Yuletide to All!

I wish everyone a great Yuletide and a Happy New Year!

I've been quiet lately and working on a few things, especially that one gothic piece I was creating that I'm making some changes to as a new version. It was originally going to be for the Art of Horror group exhibit but did'nt get the chance to get it in. However, I've decided to revamp it as a personal project inspired by fantasy elements of Heavy Metal magazine and other other themes.

Secondly, I was fortunate to have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens at an early screening, the day before official release, at the local theater. I won't reveal any details for those who may not have seen it yet but will say that it is well done. Some sharp eyed people will notice some flaws in the film and I agree with some of what has been brought up. But don't let it stop the urge to see it. Truly, go see Episode Seven.

Who would'nt?

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