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Meeting a giant at vermont comic con

Last weekend on August 27th, I had the chance to attend the third Vermont Comic Con in Burlington. It was probably one of the better shows they've had since the last year. Lots of cosplayers that I've seen were very impressive and had a great time themselves. Especially the giant Jack Skellington costume and the 501st New England Garrison was a treat to see. I think there were more stormtroopers and imperial officers than the previous show I went to and their booth was just so much fun to be around at with a bunch of props and goodies on their table.

Especially one of the sith lightsabers that was so well built that I picked it up, just to see if I can fence with it. The saber has a knuckle guard hilt to it which is beautifully crafted. The image below shows the actual lightsaber held by the cosplayer of the Seventh Sister ( I believe ). My hats off to this cosplayer.

Vader' s Fist cosplayI also had the pleasure of catching up with several local creators and managed to get a copy of Oliver Kranichfeld's book Flatlander after being published from his successful kickstarter event. And especially Stephanie Zuppo's Belchville book as well which I've been meaning to get my hands on. Both books were beautifully crafted and bound to which I can't wait to get around reading them. 

But that's not the main reason I went to the Comic Con. That reason lies in the name of Ken Kelly, who's considered one of the old school greats in the field of illustration. And the kicker is he is the nephew of the grandmaster Frank Frazetta. As soon as I noticed Ken's name on the program list, I took a double take and recognized his classic work, especially the famous KISS album cover art that I remembered all so well years ago, one in which my cousin is a fanatic of. 

The Great Ken Kelly himselfThe original drawing based on a certain KISS album cover that any fanatic would instantly know from.His works from horror to fantasy was one I would not forget even the images of Conan, Manowar, Frankenstein, Vampirella, and so on. It's endless. The color palette, vibrant. The paint strokes, purposeful and focused.

In confession, as a child of the 70s and 80s, his work has been an influence on me even during my D&D and gaming days, looking at horror magazines, watching Dark Shadows and the like. And as an artist myself, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the old school illustrators who still do it to this day regardless of the digital nature of the industry. I think I would view his work as 'classic hardcore' in the most old school manner. 

His table booth had a plethora of beautifully painted illustrations especially some of the originals that hung behind him. It was stunning to see them in person. I wanted them all but they came at a price which is expected. Another fellow illustrator named Matt Sylvester, whom I know, was talking to him as I watched Mr. Kelly show him an original piece, explaining his process which was so fascinating. Matt and I knew exactly who we were dealing with. Standing somewhat taller than me like a giant, he spoke in such a laid back manner and was very open about the nature of his creative work. 

When a giant like Mr. Kelly walks into a local convention, you don't dare miss a chance to meet him. 

I got two prints from him with his autographed. So inspiring.

Eventually, after their conversation ended, I got two prints from Mr. Kelly with the autographs due to a favor I did for him. It was probably the most epic thing I ever did by keeping watch over his booth while he was away for ten minutes.

In the booth of one of the masters!

I chose the two that spoke to me as an artist, fencer and metal music lover. I will never forget this for years to come. 

Thanks to Mr. Kelly for the excellent work as it continues to inspire me. 


Portrait inspiration and more

For some time, I've been a part of this inspiring iOS app called Sktchy which allows creative users to draw from one another in portrait form using any kind of media and subject matter. It was this method of having a form of visual exercise and inspiration to get creative juices flowing. And I think it works out pretty well. 

Sketch of a female artist's portrait I used with a horror theme.The app itself is a really great way to talk to other creatives and observe how they draw portraits in their own way. It's not meant for just professional work but also others who may be hobbyists which is welcomed. After all, they're there to put themselves out there to share their creativity. Portraits are queued as images to be used as reference points. Once the art is finished, the queue is then linked as the inspiration source. I've noticed that a lot of the artists on there use their sketchbooks, even moleskines which I swear by. 

For those who are looking for creative inspiration to experiment with, give Sktchy a try! 

As for other things, it's been a bit of a slow summer and I'm currently working on a few things. One in which I hope to finish by September, hopefully in time for the annual Art of Horror in Burlington, VT. Near the end of August, the Vermont Comic Con is something I'm looking forward to attending and would love to score some gems from the vendors as well as seeing how the local artists and writers are doing. I can't wait.


New Pentel Graphgear

Summer arrives and I find the fall-like temperatures in the last two weeks to be a godsend, for if it goes any higher near ninety degrees, I'm roasted. After all, I'm more of a winter person than summer. Maybe it's the Stark thing in Game of Thrones. Maybe being born in January has something to do with it. Who knows? 

But summer ain't my thing in a time of year when things are almost dead quiet in this town I live in and fencing season is over until Fall. It doesn't mean the end of all things creative for me, however. I will always continue with that craft, taking my moleskine sketchbook anywhere I go, doodling down ideas and visuals for future projects. 

And I managed to snag a new mechanical pencil from Pentel called the Graphgear 1000 after reading up some much about it over the last couple of years. I decided to invest in it, going for the 0.9 size version. I needed something that would be solid and reliable to draw with over the years without breaking down.

While testing it out on my moleskine, it was clear to me that I made the right decision as this was the most comfortable mechanical pencil I've ever owned. And precisely engineered, I should say. Even well balanced when holding it.

Testing the GraphGear 1000

GraphGear up closeIt comes with an HB lead when purchased but after that, it can use any lead hardness and the indicator on the pencil can be changed to reflect the lead inside. I went with the 9 size since it's the thickest and most stable for drawing with the intention of using the H lead for lighter lines.

When it comes to precise line art in illustration, this is one of the best mechanical pencils in the market to go for. I think it's worth it. 


Keeping up with the chaos

Like any other artist, life can tend to get in the way and slow the process down. It's been a chaotic last month or so keeping up with other things especially with the taxes that were due this month. Like they say, adult responsibilities can be a hassle but a necessary one. It is what it is. 

Fortunately, it did'nt stop me from continuing with my fencing classes and earning third place in last month's tournament. And then there's this one project I had to do for a friend who's involved in the battle LARP ( Live Action Role Playing ) games, one especially called Dagorhir. There is a local branch of that here in Vermont and they battle it out time to time in costume and hand made weapons. 

I've been tasked to create an image for his shield to be laser engraved onto the leather material to which I have'nt seen the final results yet. It had been turned in last week and hopefully soon, he'll get around to getting it engraved at the Generator space in Burlington. Once that's done, I hope to share a photo of it. 

I took up this project because it relates to one of my interest in role playing games and, of course, dueling with a sword. I might end up doing more of this kind of work in the future for the local Dagorhir or LARP-ers. Who knows? 

And now that spring has arrived, I'll get able to get back on track on other projects. 

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