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Art of Horror show

I have been informed that three of my graphite pieces that has never before seen by others will be, for the first time, showcased at The SPACE Gallery in Burlington, VT under the theme "Art of Horror" on October 7th, 2011 during the First Friday event. The Art of Horror explores the concept of decay, mental depravity, bloodletting and various subject matter. The pieces will be for sale there brokered by the gallery curators themselves.

It's the first show I've had in a long time since 2008 and I'm quite excited about it. It's going to be an interesting October.

For more information, they have an event Facebook page.

Also, the SPACE Gallery is also a great place to look into.

(Here are the original graphite pieces that will be put up for sale at the gallery.)

UPDATE: The artwork depicted on here are in the Gallery section on this site.


Studio Inner Sanctum Reborn

Welcome to my newly revamped website, courtesy of SquareSpace. Those guys have been nothing but fantastic with their customer service and I could'nt have been more pleased.

Originally, my website has been created by the Adobe GoLive engine for many years from the old Power Macintosh. Unfortunately, as it has aged, the inability to update remotely has been a set back due to the fact my one year old iPad did'nt have the proper app for it, nor would authoring a page made from GoLive be possible in that manner. There was no way to import GoLive pages to update on another authoring application via the new desktop that I recently purchased more than a half a year ago.

Henceforth, a simplified and cleaner interface to cut to the chase was the intended goal. An old friend of mine, who works in the creative industry, mentioned SquareSpace and I thank him for it.

From time to time, I will be blogging something and updating my Gallery page when there is new content. Please do feel free to look around and if you wish to reach me, just contact me in the ABOUT page.

Studio Inner Sanctum hath now arisen from the ashes.

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