Studio Inner Sanctum Now On Mobile!

I have finally gotten around to rebuilding my site for a more streamlined look, powered by Squarespace, and one that would work with all mobile devices. I hope this is worth the wait and that those who are interested in looking at my portfolio will be pleased to know that the gallery page is still here. Keep in mind that all the works I’ve done posted in the gallery fall under the Creative Commons license of sharing. My website’s logo has also undergone a redesign from the ground up with a broken circle flanked by two griffins with a much cleaner appearance and especially one that translates well on print, in particular my business cards which came out so nicely thanks to MOO cards.

As an illustrator, I find it important for me to keep my creative work out there and find ways to tell my own stories on printed or digital form. Someday, I hope to get myself back into the sequential storytelling medium since I have some ideas to approach, probably on digital format.

In regards to social media, I encourage viewers to follow me on my Instagram page so as to keep up with current events, projects, and fencing endeavors. Also, the reason for following my Instagram page is that I don’t blog much as I used to back then since the social media world now revolves around ‘in the now’ moments or for those who stream. Of course, I will blog now and then when there is something of substantial value to share, be it a new medium, technique or major event.

And for those who are new to my site, welcome to my inner sanctum.