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New Pentel Graphgear

Summer arrives and I find the fall-like temperatures in the last two weeks to be a godsend, for if it goes any higher near ninety degrees, I'm roasted. After all, I'm more of a winter person than summer. Maybe it's the Stark thing in Game of Thrones. Maybe being born in January has something to do with it. Who knows? 

But summer ain't my thing in a time of year when things are almost dead quiet in this town I live in and fencing season is over until Fall. It doesn't mean the end of all things creative for me, however. I will always continue with that craft, taking my moleskine sketchbook anywhere I go, doodling down ideas and visuals for future projects. 

And I managed to snag a new mechanical pencil from Pentel called the Graphgear 1000 after reading up some much about it over the last couple of years. I decided to invest in it, going for the 0.9 size version. I needed something that would be solid and reliable to draw with over the years without breaking down.

While testing it out on my moleskine, it was clear to me that I made the right decision as this was the most comfortable mechanical pencil I've ever owned. And precisely engineered, I should say. Even well balanced when holding it.

Testing the GraphGear 1000

GraphGear up closeIt comes with an HB lead when purchased but after that, it can use any lead hardness and the indicator on the pencil can be changed to reflect the lead inside. I went with the 9 size since it's the thickest and most stable for drawing with the intention of using the H lead for lighter lines.

When it comes to precise line art in illustration, this is one of the best mechanical pencils in the market to go for. I think it's worth it. 

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