Keeping up with the chaos

Like any other artist, life can tend to get in the way and slow the process down. It's been a chaotic last month or so keeping up with other things especially with the taxes that were due this month. Like they say, adult responsibilities can be a hassle but a necessary one. It is what it is. 

Fortunately, it did'nt stop me from continuing with my fencing classes and earning third place in last month's tournament. And then there's this one project I had to do for a friend who's involved in the battle LARP ( Live Action Role Playing ) games, one especially called Dagorhir. There is a local branch of that here in Vermont and they battle it out time to time in costume and hand made weapons. 

I've been tasked to create an image for his shield to be laser engraved onto the leather material to which I have'nt seen the final results yet. It had been turned in last week and hopefully soon, he'll get around to getting it engraved at the Generator space in Burlington. Once that's done, I hope to share a photo of it. 

I took up this project because it relates to one of my interest in role playing games and, of course, dueling with a sword. I might end up doing more of this kind of work in the future for the local Dagorhir or LARP-ers. Who knows? 

And now that spring has arrived, I'll get able to get back on track on other projects.