New Fencing Shirt Printed

The latest piece I did while juggling between projects was this shirt for the Vermont Fencing Alliance's annual tournament. I did this image on Manga Studio and Adobe Illustrator entirely in black and white on 600 DPI. Depsite some of the white colors they used in the actual print, it diluted some of the lines but the entire composition came out fine. The shirt looks great in person, though, utilizing the inspired theme of Game of Thrones.

Actual illustration done on Manga StudioActual shirt based on the image I created based on a new photo I took.I was surprised that some of the toner effect on the mask was preserved, even though some of the white coating that diluted it slightly. That's the challenging part of t-shirt design when it comes to having a balance between black and white ink to a certain minimum to be translatable to the eye. I could have added color to the title but considering the club's limited budget of this year, it would've been a bit more expensive. When the club's finances increase next year or so, I can consider adding more color options.


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