Sneak Preview Of My New Project

Earlier this month, I mentioned about working on a two panel piece as a personal project of mine. I've made some progress even though it's still ongoing as other things have taken up most of my attention. Getting back into it, I did some correcting here and there and will proceed to panel two eventually soon. 

Here's the sneak preview of the first panel as I don't want to reveal everything at once, yet. It's a bit challenging due to the layers I've had to deal with on Manga Studio and getting some of my brother's old room down right from memory and other references as much as I could. 

Sneak preview of my project.

Soon, very soon it shall be revealed. 

And lastly, I'm also working on some conceptuals for a t-shirt design for the big annual fencing tournament in Middlebury that occurs in the high school gym every year. I last designed for my club about two years ago since someone else did the design for them. 

This year will be my turn and if I succeed in getting it accepted, I fence for free all weekend in the tournament plus a free shirt.