Happy New Year!

Ever since I got my new phone, I've been quite busy with other things and am currently working on a personal project that deals with my memory of things that influenced me to be an artist today. It's kind of my attempt to take something that is vivid and create a composite image of what I can best remember. Because I don't truly remember every detail, only the ones that got my attention becomes the centerpiece of focus.

It's a two panel comic or sequential image of the past and present and how things are connected which relates to my older brother's room and the rock scene of the late 1970s. I think it's also my way of holding onto my memory before it fades away and somehow 'immortalize' it  in a auto-biographical approach. If it works out, I may do another 'memory piece' in the guise of a short comic in that sense of humor that's borderline sardonic.

I will reveal more once the two panel piece is finished.

Winter has become a quiet time of year for me now so I'm still dealing with some ideas that I want to pursue and figuring out how to go about them. I have'nt stopped fencing, either which I think is great to get me out of my place and exercise. In fact, I do recommend any creative find some form of exercise to get the juices flowing or stay in shape. In 2015, I plan to continue doing that. 

I bought a new moleskine sketchbook for the one thousandth time, or lack thereof, since I was running on the last few pages of the current one. And that would be a good start for the new year to begin with once I finish the last sketchbook. I've always relied on them for the durable paper surface which is resistant to ink and provides great texture for graphite. 

For 2015, I will do whatever I can to eat better, create more art, fence, and stay focused on my path.