Deus Saber Arrives With A Vengeance

My latest and final god of fencing " Deus Saber " has been completed recently and available as an art print on my Society6 store. Like the last two piece, it was done on Manga Studio with the Intuos tablet. This thing took some time while I was working on another interior book project for a client of mine at Phoenix Tree Publishing, which will also be finished in the very near future. 

I decided to go with the skeletal hussar as the inspiring point for saber and one of the most feared regiments during the Romantic and Victorian eras. But not only that, since I'm a huge fan of Ridley Scott's " The Duellists " ( 1977 ), that time period was also part of the hussar history.

And so, here it is.

Deus Saber

I'm also working on something else which I hope to submit in time for the annual Art of Horror event that occurs next month.

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