Update On The Dark Mistress

It's been a while as I've been busy with taxes and doing some other important things in my life, but I had to go back and make some corrections to fix technical issues. I bought a print for myself from my Society6 store and it took a few days for it to arrive. The paper quality is fantastic, that much I can say.

This is how it looked.

Actual print in medium size. It looked awesome in person.I noticed a glaring problem with the contrast and saw the half tones on the supernatural wolf was apparent and in the trees. Doing some research, I realized that the business was using a large scale inkjet printer and got some help from an expert in one forum called Runtime DNA where one discussion board belongs to the Manga Studio afficionados. It was with great fortune that the expert made some clever suggestions in converting the half tones to a flatter gray which was far faster than just deleting them and re-painting them. 

And so, I managed to fix that and saved it as a new version.

New version of Tenebrarum Domina Luporum.From that point on, I uploaded it that same evening to replace the old one immediately because this was the intended result I wanted with the cleaner tones. I truly believe that the next time I get a new 'test' print, it's going to look even better without the glaring dot tones like last time.

At least, I learn something new every day.


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