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Once upon a time, in the 1990s, there was a show called the X-Files which catered to my interests in UFO-ology and conspiracy theories which I shared in common with friends I hung out with when I was living in Cleveland. It was great fun discussing the show and at the same time, the internet was young as a digital 'wild west' as we would log on and chat into the wee hours of the night in old school BBS, or bulletin board systems, or jumping through other old school HTML websites reading up on conspiracy sites. 

But there was something else as I experienced a certain darkness. It was at that era when an old friend and I would chat about things of occultic nature that ties in with the history of humanity, and the feeding of ignorance abounds behind veiled curtains. He mentioned a book called Holy Grail, Holy Blood written by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln. 

That book blew my mind which proved my friend right that it was intelligently researched and thought out within that ' cottage industry '. It was also the inspiration behind Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, which I'm not quite a big fan for reasons of my own. It pulled me deeper into the rabbit hole, devouring books on the Knights Templar, the Ark of the Covenant, mythology and symbology of the Holy Grail, and so on.

One rabbit hole after another.

Because I was questioning reality around me, that book could not have come at the right time. This was some time after the mid-1990s when I was reading up on the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and other dark tales, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting during her " Servant of the Bones " signing tour, and an experience I will never forget. Another author I should add that I met twice now, in that same time frame, is Neil Gaiman who signed two of my books.

And moreover, when a certain show " Millennium " created by Chris Carter was being advertised, I was intriqued. It was that time, I was in art school, while looking forward to each Friday nights of " Millennium " Season One. I was also reading a book titled " Foucault's Pendulum " by Umberto Eco which tied into the Knights Templar mythos.

By then, I delved into another rabbit hole reading up on " The Name of the Rose ".  by the same author as well. I used to haunt Squire's Castle in Cleveland Metroparks time to time when I tooks pics of the place and it became my spot to hide away from the craziness.

With Season Two of " Millennium ", things got more interesting and best of all, there was synchronicity between the show and the books I've been reading up. At one episode later on that year, it related to the Rosicrusians, which on that same day I was reading up on this very subject matter and I said " Hey! I was just reading about that secret society! ". 

The show 'understood' and spoke to me. Every Friday, I would sit on my father's reclining chair and my siamese cat would jump up and sit next to me, and the darkness of Frank Black would begin with the click of the tv remote. 

What was cool about the show, especially the second season which is my favorite out of all, is the way episodes built up the supernatural elements and how Frank Black, acted by Lance Henrikson, relates to it, in apostolic fashion working with Peter Watts and Lara Means to investigate. He would live in a yellow house in Seattle with his wife and daughter since that color symbolizes the light and of safety. The show was'nt about the " truth is out there " but rather in the conflict of man versus man, or versus himself until things got more involved than what it appears to be. 

It was mostly introspective in that sense and the darkness was also gnawing at Frank at his shoulders. The idea of the Millennium Group employing Frank Black as a psychic profiler like a 'hound' to sort out the events was neat. There were sequences where some Millennium members would utter the secret handshake code " This is who we are ", responded by " This is what we do ". It's especially noticable in the " Hand of St. Sebastian " episode which I recommend. 

Who could forget " Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me " which amused me greatly? Or the well regarded and more famous episode of " Curse Of Frank Black " which I will never forget and it actually aired on a Halloween night. Such perfect timing.

I won't go any further to spoil the show to anyone who never watched it.

It's one thing why I think my studio logo relates to the shape of the Ouroboros, famously shown in every episode's title sequence, beginning with biblical quotes and a flash. But also the symboloism of creation starting with the inner circle and the outer rim of the logo represents the cosmos. See it in another layer and it would also represent the inner sanctum of introversion. 

It was not until 1999 when the show was cancelled which disappointed me greatly because it was one of the greatest shows ever made and I think has more depth than the X-Files, if you knew what to look for. When it ended, I created an original illustration of Frank Black standing in front of his yellow house for a fan site called The Millennial Abyss. I sent it in the mail and the guy was appreciative of the fan art which was put up on there. That site also branched out as Fourth Horseman Press which published Back To Frank Black. I did a four page comic experiment of a scene between Frank Black and Peter Watts which was great fun even though it's been over ten years ago.

That fan site was a continued outlet for the small community of Millennium after its cancellation. There were fans who wrote the virtual seasons in script format to read which was fascinating and I had some ideas of how to contribute but never found the time to. Ideas that would have been controversial that could shake up the Millennium-verse somewhat. I wanted to contribute to it so bad.

And I thought at the time, it needed to become a comic book series despite the fact there were rumors going about that a film version would be produced.

It was not until years later in 2014, news would break out that the character would return in a Millennium mini series by IDW Publishing. I was so excited that I could'nt believe it. This is why I'm writing this blog to those who are fans of the show to support IDW Publishing and demand more of Millennium. 

Oh, and that yellow house he lived in? Well, interestingly enough, since I live in Vermont now, there is an actual yellow house across the street where I reside from. And it looks almost like the one from the show. 

Millennium never died.

This Is Who We Are.

Frank Black illustration I did in 2000.

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