Art of Horror 2013

I've been quite busy for the last two months getting back into fencing and getting ready for the Art of Horror which had a big reception last Friday night at the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery in Burlington, VT. Last year, I missed the chance to get in the show until now recently which opportunity came along again. The Art of Horror was something to behold at the gallery as this had the best turnout that evening. 

All the artists who exhibited there did some great work as well as the live performers dancing with fire. Interestingly, the Graveyard Girls , run by Hutton von Darte, made their first booth showing at the exhibition which they worked hard on their new calendar project. They did a marvelous job on it as I bought a copy to support them.

Below are images of my drawings at the show and of Melaney, of Wings of Sin, doing the fire dance. The intention with the large drawing titled " Begone! " was to have people walk by my work with a mirror attached to the wall and read the quotes scribbled on the wall. The writings were done in reverse by a good friend of mine who has the talent of reverse writing with her left hand. Sinister, indeed.

I did the entire thing in graphite which took a while using printmaking paper due to it's tough surface to resist pencils. The girl in the illustration is looking at the mirror trying to decypher what's being said while being oblivous to the danger around her that would the giant snake encircling her in a spiral downward movement.

All in all, the show was great fun!


Three of my drawings on the wall. This is how the original large drawing looked. The lighting made it less glaring and a pleasure to see.

This is how " Begone! " appears to be without the graphite glare.Close up of " Skull and Quill " which was sold recently.
A close up of one of the smaller drawings titled " Dark Cane " based on the real cane in my possession.



Melaney from Wings of Sin doing the fire dance.

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