Art of Horror 2012

Art of Horror flyer from The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery.

A year ago, I had a piece submitted to the 2011 show for the first time along with two of my smaller graphite drawings. And this year, I came close to submitting a new one but did'nt have time to due to the tight deadline and previous project I was working on. It's things like that which can tend put a squeeze on the creative's timeframe which is a very common reality in this field.

I had wanted to be part of the show again, although I'm not so concerned since they'll repeat it for next year at  The Space GalleryThe event opened up last Friday on the 5th of October drawing in a great crowd that took delight in the sights of each piece ranging from photographs, assemblages to paintings. As usual, they had some amusing snacks and beverages to complement and satiate each patron's appetite.

There was a zombie film, I believe from the 1970s according to the style of cinematography, playing from a projector onto the wall in the Backspace Gallery which is literally at the side of the building. It was a bit cheesy with the special effects considered including the acting although amusing to watch, including the bizarre japanese horror film that played next. I forget the titles of those two.

I chatted along with acquaintances and friends on their pieces, walking around and noticing Eva Sollberger from Seven Days newspaper shooting a video interview of curators Beth Robinson and Kevin Montanaro. At one point, I noticed myself in the released video by accident walking about for a brief few seconds which amused me.

All of the artists did a great job presenting the theme of horror and everyone enjoyed themselves there. For those who live locally, I recommend checking out the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery in Burlington, VT and see for yourselves on what the Art of Horror is all about.

It's been great fun.