Adam is natively from Cleveland, Ohio currently residing in Vermont, with a passion for the publishing/entertainment industry, an alumni of the Cleveland Institute of Art, focusing on fantasy/dark art illustration, life drawings and traditional art mostly on dry and digital media. He has had storyboarding experience within the indie film and gaming scene, hoping to return back to that fold someday in the near future. The works of illustration masters like Katsuhiro Otomo, Kim Jung Gi, Moebius, Guy Davis, Bernie Wrightson and several others has always been the inspiration for him.

When not working on projects, he spends time fencing epee as a member of the Green Mountain Division for the Vermont Fencing Alliance since 2008 and has enjoyed it since then.

He can be followed at his Instagram page for those who wish to stay on top of his current news, projects and events.

His online store for art prints can be found on his Society6 profile.