New Inktober gallery added!

Now that October has gone by recently, I’ve added an Inktober 2018 gallery page of a few selected images that were posted on my Instagram page. Since Inktober has been popular with artists around the world, Mabs Drawlloween Club has been gaining traction as an alternative with a focused theme and that alone does tend to make it easier to decide on what to draw than, shall I say, randomized. I’m sure by next year I’ll add another gallery page to it for 2019 with selections of my choosing. I’ve learned, and hearing from other creatives, in the last two years that Inktober can be quite time consuming which can put constraints on project time tables, making it a bit of a challenge to get things done. It can be a method of building discipline by professional creatives to stay on top of things. Sometimes they have such a full time schedule that it’s a miracle they manage to find time to do an inktober sketch, especially when scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. This is why I didn’t have many Inktober drawings for that month due to juggling between things and fencing.

But it’s not to say Inktober is bad, rather it’s more of a visual exercise and form of experimentation. Plus, it’s fun to try a few things here and there.

New LePen Drawing set

Recently, I ordered some new drawing pens from Marvy Uchida to experiment with because I enjoy the essence of inking and how it flows on paper. Not only that, it's a way for me to search for the right pen that would fit my style and workflow.

The new pen set has point sizes ranging from .005 to .08 and interacted nicely with my moleskine sketchbook even though the quality is not so different than what I experienced with the Faber Castell Artist PITT pen, which is one company that I really love. They make the best graphite pencils in the 9000 series that have such admirable quality. 

I suspect these pens would interact better on smoother paper than the moleskine to have a uniform line quality, especially if it were done on hot press illustration board which comes to mind. If they do, then I may buy more of them to stock up on specialized drawing surfaces. It would also come handy for life drawing sessions for crisper line and form, I think. The pen set is affordably priced and are comfortable to hold. 

One of the better pens I've tested in some time. 

LePen Drawing setThe font style reminds me of what Dover publishing books use with academic clean look.Here's a close up of what the tip looks like.A little experiment with dark theme using the LePen set.

Portrait inspiration and more

For some time, I've been a part of this inspiring iOS app called Sktchy which allows creative users to draw from one another in portrait form using any kind of media and subject matter. It was this method of having a form of visual exercise and inspiration to get creative juices flowing. And I think it works out pretty well. 

Sketch of a female artist's portrait I used with a horror theme.The app itself is a really great way to talk to other creatives and observe how they draw portraits in their own way. It's not meant for just professional work but also others who may be hobbyists which is welcomed. After all, they're there to put themselves out there to share their creativity. Portraits are queued as images to be used as reference points. Once the art is finished, the queue is then linked as the inspiration source. I've noticed that a lot of the artists on there use their sketchbooks, even moleskines which I swear by. 

For those who are looking for creative inspiration to experiment with, give Sktchy a try! 

As for other things, it's been a bit of a slow summer and I'm currently working on a few things. One in which I hope to finish by September, hopefully in time for the annual Art of Horror in Burlington, VT. Near the end of August, the Vermont Comic Con is something I'm looking forward to attending and would love to score some gems from the vendors as well as seeing how the local artists and writers are doing. I can't wait.

Best pen I've used in a long time

I've been experimenting with a gel pen with varying degrees of results and surprisingly, it has lasted me about a couple of months. Actually, two of them with different point sizes. The Pilot G-Tec pen, so far, has shown some really good results on my sketchbook that has'nt failed me. 

This is what the pen looks like:

Pilot G-Tec-C4 in black inkThe actual tip of the pen in close up viewSure, anyone could use the old school Rapidograph pen set with different line quality but the maintenance is time consuming if one is not careful. The ink would certainly appear darker and dry up quickly. Especially with the thick paper surface of the moleskine. And just to show an example of what I've done with the pens.

A drawing of Halstatt, AustriaDrawing of Graz, AustriaDrawing of the Archangel statue

I think these pens are actually great for visual exercises and creating line texture to build form. But also in that sense, it adds a level of raw energy to the image. It would'nt come to a surprise to me if the pens actually find resistance on softer or fragile paper surfaces, even watercolor paper. In my experience, it's usually the hot or cold press surface paper or illustration board that does a better job in letting the ink flow. 

All in all, I'm really satisfied with the pens but will continue to experiment more in the future.