New Inktober gallery added!

Now that October has gone by recently, I’ve added an Inktober 2018 gallery page of a few selected images that were posted on my Instagram page. Since Inktober has been popular with artists around the world, Mabs Drawlloween Club has been gaining traction as an alternative with a focused theme and that alone does tend to make it easier to decide on what to draw than, shall I say, randomized. I’m sure by next year I’ll add another gallery page to it for 2019 with selections of my choosing. I’ve learned, and hearing from other creatives, in the last two years that Inktober can be quite time consuming which can put constraints on project time tables, making it a bit of a challenge to get things done. It can be a method of building discipline by professional creatives to stay on top of things. Sometimes they have such a full time schedule that it’s a miracle they manage to find time to do an inktober sketch, especially when scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. This is why I didn’t have many Inktober drawings for that month due to juggling between things and fencing.

But it’s not to say Inktober is bad, rather it’s more of a visual exercise and form of experimentation. Plus, it’s fun to try a few things here and there.

Studio Inner Sanctum Now On Mobile!

I have finally gotten around to rebuilding my site for a more streamlined look, powered by Squarespace, and one that would work with all mobile devices. I hope this is worth the wait and that those who are interested in looking at my portfolio will be pleased to know that the gallery page is still here. Keep in mind that all the works I’ve done posted in the gallery fall under the Creative Commons license of sharing. My website’s logo has also undergone a redesign from the ground up with a broken circle flanked by two griffins with a much cleaner appearance and especially one that translates well on print, in particular my business cards which came out so nicely thanks to MOO cards.

As an illustrator, I find it important for me to keep my creative work out there and find ways to tell my own stories on printed or digital form. Someday, I hope to get myself back into the sequential storytelling medium since I have some ideas to approach, probably on digital format.

In regards to social media, I encourage viewers to follow me on my Instagram page so as to keep up with current events, projects, and fencing endeavors. Also, the reason for following my Instagram page is that I don’t blog much as I used to back then since the social media world now revolves around ‘in the now’ moments or for those who stream. Of course, I will blog now and then when there is something of substantial value to share, be it a new medium, technique or major event.

And for those who are new to my site, welcome to my inner sanctum.

The Demon Arrives on Society6!

My Oni Demon illustration is now available as an art print and poster on my Society6 store. I finally got around to fixing the resolution size from the iPad Pro to fit in a Photoshop document and adding text from a famous Musashi quote from The Book of Five Rings. As a fencer and martial artist myself, I find the supernatural Oni mythology to be quite fascinating and think the imagery of a Hannya half mask used by samurai is so cool. It's one of the reasons I airbrushed my fencing mask to kind of simulate that level of badassery. 

Preview of the final version with text

Oni demon on Clip Studio Paint

I've been experimenting with Clip Studio Paint that's a full version, paid by monthly subscription, on the iPad Pro which is really amazing and useful. It's especially great now that Celsys has lowered the price of the iOS version so that it's more manageable for the budget and keep on using it. Lately, I was getting into the japanese oni demons and wanted to tinker around with the tools of CSP to see how I can work with the layers in order to observe how closely it behaves compared to the desktop version. Incredibly, it is literally the exact same thing and ports over native files well enough through Dropbox, in my case, however I found uploading the image to the CSP cloud via iPad Pro to the desktop a bit of a problem but I'm sure there's a way to do it on the Mac platform. 

Photo of the actual illustration on iPad Pro version of CSPIt is nearly completed as I've to fix a few areas before adding the text quote marks in the negative space and consider having it available as a printed piece, probably on Society6. I believe with more experience on this particular platform, it would make it easier to work around the UI and workflow process more seamlessly. I'm really liking CSP on mobile so far. 

New t-shirt design for 2018

It's been a long winter and I've noticed that less blogging on my part is contributed to my being focused on other things and slacking. However, I plan to eventually revamp this site to a new engine that's more on the gallery and less on the blog activity. 

However, what's new this month is a recent t-shirt design I did for the Vermont Fencing Alliance's 25th anniversary event coming in March which I'm excited for and plan to compete. Fortunately, I will be competing in two events rather than three now that I have achieved an E rating in Epee on my birthday a month ago. What a huge relief it was with hard work paying off. 

Anyway, everything I did on this shirt was done entirely on my iPad Pro using Procreate and exported to Adobe Illustrator to finish off the project, inspired by the art nouveau period which is what my coach had in mind. And I think it turned out great. I cannot wait to see how the shirt will look in a few weeks!

25th Anniversary t-shirt design