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Deus Epee Hath Arrived


Deus Epee illustration

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I've been hard at work on this piece which was created using Manga Studio software and Adobe Illustrator, for other elements to add in, at the original size of 10 by 15 approximately. This illustration is now available on my online store at Society 6.

This illustration of the 'God of Epee' is based on the ties between classical and modern fencing throughout history. It represents the fictional patron god of this weapon class with the latin motto: Virtus, Scientia, Fortuna that translates to Valor, Skill and Fortune respectively. The idea is to honor the concept of Master to Apprentice with the knowledge of fencing being passed on, not too different from the other crafts in the Arts or any other related field.

And so this patron god bestows the powers of mastery or becomes the 'idealized gold standard' in the history of Rapier sword-fighting that was the basis for the Epee weapon of today's modern fencing.

The other intention that may not be obvious to some with a keen eye is the use of a hidden Masonic symbol. One can seen the rays shooting down past the war banner with the spears. The light rays represent the Compass while the Spears on the banner represent the Ruler, therefore that becomes a hidden composition for this famous symbol seen below:

Masonic symbol. The Compass and the Ruler framing the G with the rays behind it.It's especially interesting that the Freemasons employed the use of the Master and Apprentice ( or Entered Apprentice until promoted to Master Mason as the highest ). Not only that, back in the renaissance, there were craftsmen employed in many skills from the arts in visual, music, black smithing, tailoring, and many more. Of course, fencing masters were also around at the time and had apprentices to pass their knowledge down to and this ancient art of defense is still ingrained into the modern sports of fencing, but also in other branches of Historical European Martial Arts or Re-enactment groups in choreographed duels.

I plan on having two more patron gods of fencing in the near future in Foil and Saber.


By Chance or Providence graphic novel

I didn't have much awareness of Becky Cloonan's work until now when I stumbled across her page relating to a new graphic novel that collects three well regarded short stories, with ' Demeter ' as her most recent publication. Her other Tumblr page INK AND THUNDER covers most of the update of her new book. She dedicated the book to Guy Davis which I thought was a really nice touch as he's one of my favorite creators.

I came across her title when she was promoting her fund-raising event for fans to pre-order her book a couple months ago which I was fortunate to manage to get on the list with a great price of twenty dollars. The more she put up preview images of her work, the more impressed I was with her line work.

Lounak Books ( or Studio Lounak ) partnered with her to publish the hardcover edition with foil embossed effects on the front, back and spine of the book. It was'nt the idea of the book's manufacture that got my attention but the subject matter of the supernatural in medieval times that did. It was literally right up my alley. But what's most interesting about Becky Cloonan is not only is she from Italy, but had in the past lived in New Hampshire, not too far from where I'm at. Currently she's situated in Montreal, a place I've yet to explore in person. Maybe some day when I have the time and money to do so at the right time under the right circumstances, I will.

The book itself is fantastic and beautifully produced. I really appreciated the foil embossed effects that relate to the book's theme and especially the inspired Viking/Nordic runes and symbol of the sword on the spine that reminds me greatly of the Elder Scrolls: Skryim game encountered in underground caverns and dungeons. It lent a sense of supernatural magick and tone of the book.

The runes may be done intentionally for elemental purposes but I noticed that the first symbol after the sword with the line looking like an 'R' seem to be connected to 'wealth'. The last one showing two lines splitting outward probably relates to 'salvation'. Another possibility is that they read as single letters F and K, respectively. It might not have any esoteric meaning and could be subconsciously put there by a graphic designer, unschooled in the secret mysteries.

The interiors are cleanly inked and apparently, she uses a similar technique that Guy Davis employed with gray tones for most of the panels that he used on The Marquis, another favorite title of mine. The three short stories that are collected here are not connected to one another but stand alone well enough to get the point across. However, they share a similar theme which I prefer not to spoil here. The pacing is cinematic with 'old school' storytelling technique and I liked how clean her ink lines appeared here. Not everything needs to be spelled out as I had to somewhat 'read between the lines' and figure it out for myself, even though it was'nt that difficult to see the connection.

But the best part would be the bonus pages in the end revealing her conceptual drawings in pencil and ink which is amazing to behold. Not only is her inking beautiful, the graphite drawings have a raw nature to the conceptualization stages before the stories were fully realized.

It's looking through a forbidden window of what could have been had the creator taken a different path. For those who are into supernatural or medieval tales in the lines of 1001 Arabian Nights or a much more adult Brother Grimm tale, this would be it. Keep in mind that it's quite a quick read under a half hour or so. This book, depending on your mood, could haunt you long after you finish reading it.

The photos below showcase what the hardcover and included postcards look like ( which is also another awesome bonus, by the way ).

Front coverGold embossed frontInterior of the bookBack coverGold foil back and spinePostcards with a 'thank you' on the back


Featured in Shake app

Recently, I've been featured on a blog regarding the excellent iOS app Shake which is a software solution for mobile professionals to create contracts on the go in a simplified manner. I've used it a few times and it works beautifully for me with dealing with local or out of town clientele with a low to medium budget.

It's also used for other kinds of contracts that can be customized which can be very handy. I don't think it completely replaces the need for high level and complex contract situations when it comes to large projects in relation to clients with huge budget in their project or product endeavors. That part will, for the most part, require a lawyer to go over the intricate parts of the legalese. 

At first, I was a bit worried that Shake would complicate things, but it turned out to be much easier to use. I was able to formulate a contract with a couple of local clients and build up an agreement with each one of them. Then as an end result, it automatically generates a PDF for previewing and approval. The signature would be written horizontally on the iOS version with the stylus or pen. It would be like sending a virtual signature to them long distance and they do the same in return. The clients got confused at first but after I explained to them how it works, the hiccups were smoothed over.

And once they sign it, I get an alert and the agreement is stored in the cloud archives for backup. It's really convenient and quick, especially more so when I'm not home and get asked to create an agreement on the fly without having to tether myself to the home computer.

Here's the link to the blog feature.



Update On The Dark Mistress

It's been a while as I've been busy with taxes and doing some other important things in my life, but I had to go back and make some corrections to fix technical issues. I bought a print for myself from my Society6 store and it took a few days for it to arrive. The paper quality is fantastic, that much I can say.

This is how it looked.

Actual print in medium size. It looked awesome in person.I noticed a glaring problem with the contrast and saw the half tones on the supernatural wolf was apparent and in the trees. Doing some research, I realized that the business was using a large scale inkjet printer and got some help from an expert in one forum called Runtime DNA where one discussion board belongs to the Manga Studio afficionados. It was with great fortune that the expert made some clever suggestions in converting the half tones to a flatter gray which was far faster than just deleting them and re-painting them. 

And so, I managed to fix that and saved it as a new version.

New version of Tenebrarum Domina Luporum.From that point on, I uploaded it that same evening to replace the old one immediately because this was the intended result I wanted with the cleaner tones. I truly believe that the next time I get a new 'test' print, it's going to look even better without the glaring dot tones like last time.

At least, I learn something new every day.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.